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Scubadorable Nurse Shark Dive Flag

Posted on November 17th 2007 in New Designs, Sharks - 1 Comment

Sharks may have a dangerous reputation, but they are one of the most sought-after sightings by scuba divers all over the world. Here our totally cute Scubadorable Nurse Shark poses in front of the diver down flag. Great gift ideas here for scuba divers and shark lovers!


Nurse of the Sea

Posted on September 7th 2007 in New Fish, Sharks - No Comments

The Nurse Shark is a type of shark that lives across the Western Atlantic Ocean and islands of the Caribbean. They also inhabit the waters of the Eastern Pacific from Peru up to Baja California. They are solitary, nocturnal bottom-dwellers. This is our totally cute version of the Nurse Shark. Great gifts here for scuba divers and anyone that loves sharks!