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The Orca or Killer Whale is the largest species of dolphin in the world. It lives in all oceans across the world, from cold arctic seas to warm, tropical seas, although it does prefer cooler temperatures in the polar regions. The total global population is estimated to be around 100,000. Some local populations are considered threathened or endangered due to pollution, depletion of prey, capture for zoos and habitat loss.

Orca's are highly intelligent. They have a culture that passes learned behavior from generation to generation through the use of different dialects.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 22 November 2008
Also known as: Killer Whale, Blackfish, Seawolf
Arctic Ocean
Hudson Bay
Bering Sea
North Pacific
South Pacific
West Pacific
East Pacific
Gulf of California
Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea
North Atlantic
South Atlantic
West Atlantic
East Atlantic
North Sea
Mediterranean Sea
Persian Gulf
Red Sea
Arabian Sea
Andaman Sea
Indian Ocean
Sea of Japan
East China Sea
South China Sea
Coral Sea (GBR)
Southern Ocean
Length:228 to 312 inches
International names:
Czech Kosatka dravá (Czech)
Danish Spækhugger (Danish)
Dutch Orka / Zwaardwalvis (Dutch)
Finnish Miekkavalas (Finnish)
French Orque / Épaulard (French)
German Großer Schwertwal (German)
Italian Orca (Italian)
Japanese Sakamata / Sadshi (Japanese)
Norwegian Spekkhugger (Norwegian)
Polish Orka / Miecznik (Polish)
Portuguese Orca (Portuguese)
Spanish Orca (Spanish)
Swedish Späckhuggare (Swedish)
Scientific name: Orcinus orca
Species:O. orca
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