Scubadorable Reusable Face Masks

Scubadorable offers several different styles of face mask for fans to wear. Find a fitted style or double-mask with a cute novelty Scubadorable design for your outer layer.

The United States CDC recommends wearing well-fitting face masks in public settings when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Masks can be used along with social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19. As vaccines roll out, citizens are still advised to keep practicing safe habits until the pandemic is under control and herd immunity is reached.

Scubadorable Bottlenose Dolphin Cloth Face Mask

Found on Zazzle – See more in Cute Bottlenose Dolphin

Our cute Common Bottlenose Dolphin is having some fun! Swimming, jumping, smiling! This cute active design is perfect for anyone that loves these beautiful marine mammals.

This cute cartoon dolphin face mask has adjustable ear loops and a nose wire for a secure and comfortable fit.

Cute Cartoon Picassofish Dive Flag Face Mask

Found on Zazzle – See more in Cute Arabian Picassofish Dive Flag

Arabian Picassofish are among the most beautiful fish found in the Red Sea and other popular scuba diving locations. This cute design features our cartoon Picassofish against a red and white diver down flag motif. 

This style of reusable cloth mask has two layers of protection and is available in two different sizes for a secure fit.

The next three fun Scubadorable design masks are all of the same style as the Arabian Picassofish, with two layers of protection and available in two different sizes. The color of the piping can also be customized to fit your own style.

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Fun Facts About the Great Barracuda

Barracudas are known for their powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Scuba divers love seeing them, even though the fish has a dangerous reputation. Here are some fun facts about the Great Barracuda.

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