Scubadorable Clownfish inspires cool tattoo!

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Check this out! Reef Central member Chelsey got a cool new tattoo, and our Scubadorable Clownfish was the inspiration! Check out these two Clownfish in Love:


Thanks for letting us know, Chelsey, it looks great!

Merry Christmas

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We wish you a very merry Christmas and a Scubadorable holiday season.

Merry Christmas from Scubadorable

New Killer Cutie

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Scubadorable Orca

We’ve added the Orca, also known as the Killer Whale, to our Scubadorable family of cute reef fish and other marine animals. This beautiful black-and-white animal is actually a species of dolphin and not a whale. It can be found in all of the world’s oceans, from the arctic to the antarctic and all seas in between, but it does prefer the colder waters of the polar regions. They are very fast swimmers, reaching up to 30 mph, and come up every 30 seconds to breathe.

We have some great new designs in our store featuring the Orca, including Killer Whale Dive Flag, Save the Killer Whales and I Love Killer Whales.

By the way, that Emperor Penguin you see in the background on the image above is from our sister site, which features the cutest birds on the wing.

Spot the Scubadorable 2

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Can you guess what Scubadorable fish this is?

Spot the Scubadorable Quiz 2

These fish live in shallow protected coastal waters to deep, somewhat silty habitats, often with deep shipwrecks. Check the meet the fish page to see if you can find it!

Spot the Scubadorable 1

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Can you guess what Scubadorable fish this is?

Spot the Scubadorable Quiz 1

This beautifully colored fish can be found in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Check the meet the fish page to see if you can find it!

Merry Christmas

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We (Amy and Arthur) of wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Scubadorable New Year full of cute fish and diving and snorkeling fun!

Merry Christmas from

New Cute Fish Scubadorable Christmas Comments for MySpace

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Check out the new Scubadorable MySpace and social media graphics. You can send these fun and free Scubadorable comment graphics to your MySpace and other social media friends via comments, messaging or bulletins. You can also post these cute graphics in your profile and blog, or add them to other social networking and community websites like Facebook, friendster, tagworld and blogger.

New Cute Fish Scubadorable Christmas Comments for MySpace

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Scubadorable Nurse Shark Dive Flag

Posted on November 17th 2007 in New Designs, Sharks - 1 Comment

Sharks may have a dangerous reputation, but they are one of the most sought-after sightings by scuba divers all over the world. Here our totally cute Scubadorable Nurse Shark poses in front of the diver down flag. Great gift ideas here for scuba divers and shark lovers!

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Huge Crowd of Scubadorable Fish Form Word ‘DIVE’

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A huge crowd of totally cute Scubadorable fish swim together to make up the word DIVE in this brand-new Scubadorable design. Fish include the Great Barracuda, Nurse Shark, Clownfish, Angelfish, Bannerfish, Parrotfish and many more. A cool, detailed design for scuba divers!

Scubadorable DIVE made out of fish

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Celebrate Christmas with this stylish, cute holiday scuba- and fish- themed design from Scubadorable: H2O H2O H2O! A Clownfish, Angelfish and Butterflyfish appear in blue glass Christmas tree ball ornaments along with the text H2O H2O H2O in festive red and green. A perfect design for scuba divers and fish lovers during the holidays! Also check out our other Scubadorable Christmas designs.

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