Using Zazzle's Tools to Put Scubadorable Designs on Any Product

Our Scubadorable t-shirts and novelties are created on demand by our partner Zazzle. When an order is placed, Zazzle jumps into action to create your custom, one-of-a-kind gift. We keep our offering simple, presenting a handful of products for each of our unique cartoon designs. But Zazzle's full catalog of apparel and gifts is massive! Using Zazzle's easy customization tools, shoppers can place designs on virtually any product type in their vast catalog. This can be done easily using either a desktop or mobile device. Here is an example of how to use Zazzle's tools to do this on a desktop computer.

Step 1: Pick your design! For this example, we'll use Cute Bicolor Damselfish.

As of this post, Cute Bicolor Damselfish has 8 different products immediately available in our shop. You can click on any of these products to go to the product page on Zazzle.

Note that in this particular section, there is also a handy link at the bottom that says: View all products with this design. Clicking on this link will bring you to Step 3 below. This option may not always be available in every section of our shop.

Let's click on the first item on the page, the Cute Bicolor Damselfish Trucker Hat. This will bring you to the product page for this item on Zazzle.

Step 2: Transfer the design to a new product on Zazzle!

Scroll down a little bit on the product page until you see the text Transfer design to a product. Below the text, you'll see a few different product examples from which you can choose. You can even scroll to the right to see more examples. But wait, there's more!

The first option in the row is what we'll choose right now: View all products. Note that the small text below reads Choose from over 1000 products. We have highlighted the option in yellow with a red outline in the example photo at left.

View all products for Cute Bicolor Damselfish gives you the option to place this design on any product that Zazzle offers!

Step 3: Pick your new product and (optionally) further customize your selection.

When you arrive on the Choose a Product page, you can see just some of Zazzle's options presented. There is a search bar, where you can type in anything! Discover new products by testing out this feature.

For our example, we typed in tote and found that Zazzle offers at least 8 different products with this keyword (only six are shown in the image example in this tutorial). When we click on any of these new products, we are brought to a brand new product page -- created on the spot based on our selection.

You can further customize your tote on the product page. Click on the blue Edit Design button on the product page to make changes to the background color or size and placement of design, or add custom elements like your own text or images.

On Mobile:

You have similar options when you look at transferring a design using Zazzle's app on your mobile device. From the Scubadorable page, you can click on the View all products with this design link at the bottom, when available, as mentioned in Step 1 above. Directly from the Zazzle app product page, you will be limited to transferring the design to one of the example options presented (be sure to scroll to the right to see all options).

Scubadorable Luggage Tags For Scuba Travel! Yay!

Are you getting ready to travel again? Last year's travel restrictions meant that many of us were unable to go scuba diving. That's a long time away from a beloved adventurous hobby! Get ready to hook up  your tanks and strap on some weights for your next diving trip by blinging out your luggage with fun scuba-inspired tags. You'll be able to recognize your bags at baggage claim when they are adorned with unique tags like these, featuring our cute cartoon marine friends.

Shop all Scubadorable Luggage Tags >>>

Scubadorable DIVE Luggage Tag – A large crowd of our cute Scubadorable fish, including Barracuda, Clownfisn and Bannerfish, are swimming together to make the word DIVE. Great gifts here for scuba... View on Zazzle
Cartoon Nurse Shark Dive Flag Luggage Tag – This design shows our cute Scubadorable Nurse Shark in front of a dive flag. This will make a great gift for scuba divers and shark lovers. View on Zazzle
Scuba Divers Love Going Back to School Luggage Tag – A school of cute Yellowtail Snappers swim together in the center of this Scubadorable original design. The text reads Scuba divers love going back to school.... View on Zazzle
Cute Scubadorable Manatee Luggage Tag – The manatee is a large marine mammal known for its gentle behavior. They are sometimes called sea cows because they dine on underwater grass. You can... View on Zazzle

Common Bottlenose Dolphin Fun Facts

The Common Bottlenose Dolphin is the most well-known species of ocean dolphin. They are found in temperate and tropical oceans around the world. Here are some fun facts about the Common Bottlnose Dolphin.

  • The Common Bottlenose Dolphin is not the only species of Bottlenose Dolphin, though there is some controversy regarding the recognition of various splits to the species and subspecies. The Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin and the Burrunan Dolphin are recognized by some authorities, as are the subspecies Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphin and Lahille's Bottlenose Dolphin. These splits were first widely recognized in the early 2000s.
  • Another name for the Common Bottlenose Dolphin is Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.
  • Common Bottlenose Dolphins feed on fish and other marine prey, including eels, shrimps, and squids.
  • Dolphins hunt by using echolocation, which is a kind of biological sonar. They make sounds and listen to the echos that are returned to locate and identify prey.
  • Dolphins also use noises to communicate with each other.
  • The scientific name for the Common Bottlenose Dolphin is Tursiops truncatus. This Latin name means roughly "looks like a shortened or stubby dolphin-type fish".
  • Instead of sleeping as most animals do, dolphins rest half of their brains at a time. This is called unihemispheric slow-wave sleep.
  • Common Bottlenose Dolphins are known for their intelligence. They have larger brains than human beings and the third largest brain relative to body size of all mammals.
  • The gestation period (length of pregnancy) for the Common Bottlenose Dolphin is 12 months.
  • Common Bottlenose Dolphins are highly social and typically live in pods (groups) of around 15 dolphins. They may travel in groups of hundreds of individuals for short periods of time.
  • The Common Bottlenose Dolphin joined Scubadorable on August 3, 2012.

Scubadorable Common Bottlenose Dolphin Gifts

Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin Notepad – Our cute Common Bottlenose Dolphin is having some fun! Swimming, jumping, smiling! This cute active design is perfect for anyone that loves these beautiful marine mammals.... View on Zazzle
Common Bottlenose Dolphin Postcard – Common Bottlenose Dolphins live across the world, swimming in temperate or tropical waters. These gray cuties may swim up to 2600 miles during seasonal migration. They... View on Zazzle
Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin Tie – Our cute Common Bottlenose Dolphin is having some fun! Swimming, jumping, smiling! This cute active design is perfect for anyone that loves these beautiful marine mammals.... View on Zazzle

Fun Facts About the Great Barracuda

Barracudas are known for their powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Scuba divers love seeing them, even though the fish has a dangerous reputation. Here are some fun facts about the Great Barracuda.

  • The Great Barracuda is one of 28 species in the barracuda family.
  • Great Barracudas have very strong jaws. They also have under-bites; the lower jaw juts out beyond the upper jaw.
  • The diet of a Great Barracuda consists almost entirely of other fish.
  • Sport fishers target the Great Barracuda, although the fish is not pleasant to eat. In fact, their meat has a chance to cause Ciguatera fish poisoning, a food-borne illness that causes digestive problems.
  • Barracudas are sometimes known as “tigers of the sea” in part because of their sharp, pointy teeth.
  • Great Barracudas have internal swim bladders which they expand or contract to adjust their position in the water.
  • Great Barracudas have few natural predators.
  • Great Barracudas use stealth in obtaining prey. The typical strategy is to lie still and wait for a prey fish to come into striking distance.
  • The Great Barracuda was added to Scubadorable on November 7th, 2007. Be sure to check out our cute Great Barracuda apparel and gifts.

First published 09/04/2011; edited 3/26/2021