Scubadorable Fish & Friends

All of our totally cute Scubadorable fish and friends are here! Designs featuring single fish and other reef animal species can be found in this section. There are a lot of great gift ideas here for scuba divers and fish lovers, with a wide choice of different fish species.

Cute Arabian Picassofish
Cute Arabian Picassofish - This Arabian Picassofish is too cute. This reef triggerfish can be found in the Red Sea and Persian gulf and is a real treat for scuba divers and snorkelers.
Cute Blue Tang
Cute Blue Tang - This is our totally cute cartoon Blue Tang, also known as the Regal Tang or Flagtail Surgeonfish. Love Blue Tang? Great gifts here for divers and Blue Tang fans.
Cute Bottlenose Dolphin
Cute Bottlenose Dolphin - Cute, intelligent, strong and beautiful. That's the Common Bottlenose Dolphin!
Cute Clown Triggerfish
Cute Clown Triggerfish - Great gift ideas with our cute Scubadorable version of the beautiful and wildly-colored Clown Triggerfish. Perfect original scuba diver & fish lover gifts.
Cute Clownfish
Cute Clownfish - This is our totally cute Scubadorable version of the Clownfish. This will make a great gift for scuba divers and snorkelers as well as clownfish pet owners.
Cute Dwarf Seahorse
Cute Dwarf Seahorse - This is our totally cute cartoon Dwarf Seahorse, also known as the Little Seahorse or Pygmy Seahorse. Cute gifts here for seahorse lovers & scuba divers.
Cute Flame Angelfish
Cute Flame Angelfish - The Flame Angelfish is a bright red colored fish that can be found in tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean. We've got cute t-shirts & gifts featuring the Flame Angelfish.
Cute Great Barracuda
Cute Great Barracuda - Barracudas can be seen by scuba divers and snorkelers around the world, often in large groups. This will make a great gift for scuba divers and snorkelers.
Cute Longfin Bannerfish
Cute Longfin Bannerfish - Our totally cute Scubadorable Longfin Bannerfish, also known as the Pennant Coralfish, looks great on t-shirts and other fun novelty gifts. Perfect for fish-loving divers!
Cute Manatee
Cute Manatee - Manatees are so cute. This is our Scubadorable version of the manatee. This will make a great gift for manatee lovers and manatee supporters.
Cute Nurse Shark
Cute Nurse Shark - The Nurse Shark is a type of shark that lives across the Western Atlantic Ocean & islands of the Caribbean. Our original design looks great on shark t-shirts!
Cute Orca
Cute Orca - This is our Scubadorable version of the Orca also known as the Killer Whale, the world's largest dolphin. This will make a great gift for orca lovers and supporters.
Cute Princess Parrotfish
Cute Princess Parrotfish - Parrotfish are named for their unusual teeth, which form a parrot-like beak. The beak is used in feeding, where they rasp algae from hard surfaces such as coral.
Cute Queen Angelfish
Cute Queen Angelfish - The Queen Angelfish is a beautiful reef fish that can be found in around Florida and the Caribbean. If you love this beautiful fish, here are some fun gift and novelties!
Raccoon Butterflyfish
Raccoon Butterflyfish - This is our cute cartoon of the Raccoon Butterflyfish, also known as the Cresent-Masked or Lunule Butterflyfish. Great for scuba divers and fish lovers!
Cute Red Sea Sailfin Tang
Cute Red Sea Sailfin Tang - This Red Sea Sailfin Tang is too cute. These fish are found in in lagoons and reefs of the Indian Ocean from the Red Sea to South Africa.
Cute Royal Dottyback
Cute Royal Dottyback - The Royal Dottyback is a beautiful two-tone fish that lives across the Pacific and Red Sea. Here are unique gifts for fish lovers featuring our cute cartoon Royal Dottyback!
Cute Royal Gramma
Cute Royal Gramma - A colorful reef favorite in cute Scubadorable form! A cute Royal Gramma was featured in the movie Finding Nemo. Cute gifts here for fish lovers!
Cute Sergeant Major
Cute Sergeant Major - This is our cute Scubadorable cartoon drawing of a Sergeant Major, also known as the Pintano. A fish that would be at home in the Army or Marine Corps!
Cute Stoplight Parrotfish
Cute Stoplight Parrotfish - This is our totally cute Scubadorable Stoplight Parrotfish, a beautifully colored parrotfish that lives in the Atlantic from south Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil.
Threespot Damselfish
Threespot Damselfish - Threespot Damselfish live on coral reefs around southern Florida and the Bahamas. This will make a great gift for scuba divers and snorkelers.
Cute Yellowbar Angelfish
Cute Yellowbar Angelfish - The Yellowbar Angelfish is a type of reef fish that lives in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. It swims between 4 and 50 meters in depth.
Cute Yellowtail Damselfish
Cute Yellowtail Damselfish - The Yellowtail Damselfish is also knnown as Jewelfish or Sheephead. A cute fish in cute Scubadorable style makes a great gift idea for fish lovers!
Cute Yellowtail Snapper
Cute Yellowtail Snapper - The Yellowtail Snapper can be found along the North American coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Here is our cute Scubadorable cartoon Yellowtail Snapper.

Collective Nouns for Fish and Friends

You've probably heard the term "school of fish", but do you know why the collective noun for fish is school? The term derives from Old Dutch, where the word schole means multitude. The similar use of the word shoal to describe a group of fish has similar origins. There...