Funny Designs T-Shirts & Gifts

Scubadorable fish and friends are always cute, but did you know they could be funny, too? This is our collection of funny t-shirts and gift ideas with silly Scubadorable designs made to make you laugh! From funny slogans to silly puns, our funny designs make great gifts for scuba divers, fish lovers, hobby aquarium enthusiasts, and budding marine biologists!
nananananana Batfish!
They don't look much like the caped crusader, but they've got the super-cool name.
Clownfish Statistics
This is our Scubadorable Clownfish with statistics about physical features and habitat.
Fins Up!
It's an underwater robbery! An exclusive design featuring two of the cutest fish on the reef.
Sir! Yes! Sir!
Sergeant Majors have their name for a reason, you know! A funny original from Scubadorable.
One Man's Fish...
A funny phrase with a French word and a cute Scubadorable French Angelfish. Ooh la la!
Cartoon Clown fish Great Barracuda Dive Flag Cute Circular Batfish