Arabian Picassofish

(Bicolor Damselfish)
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Arabian Picassofish
The Arabian Picassofish is a beautifully colored fish that inhabits lagoons and seaward reefs. It is a very territorial and wary fish, never straying far from shelter. It can be seen when scuba diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. The markings include striking bold stripes around the eyes. The artistic look of the fish gives it its unique name.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 03 August 2008
Also known as: Picassofish, Arabian Picasso Triggerfish, Assasi Triggerfish
Range:Persian Gulf
Red Sea
Length:11 to 12 inches
Depth:3 to 82 feet
International names:
Danish Arabisk Picassofisk (Danish)
Dutch Picassovis (Dutch)
French Baliste Picasso (French)
German Arabischer Picasso-Drückerfisch (German)
Italian Balestra Picasso (Italian)
Spanish Ballesta Picasso (Spanish)
Swedish Arabisk Picassofisk (Swedish)
Scientific name: Rhinecanthus assasi
Species:R. assasi
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