(Bicolor Damselfish)

Blue Parrotfish

(Blue Tang)
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Blue Parrotfish
Large Blue Parrotfish develop a prominent bulging snout. Like other parrotfishes, the Blue has the characteristic beak-like jaws with fused teeth used for scraping algae from coral and other rocky substrates. It inhabits coral reefs and can be found at depths of 3 to 25 meters in the western Atlantic from Maryland in the US to Bermuda and Bahamas and south to Brazil, and throughout the West Indies.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 22 December 2006
Range:Caribbean Sea
West Atlantic
Length:14 to 47 inches
Depth:10 to 82 feet
International names:
Danish Blå Papegøjefisk (Danish)
Dutch Emelsblauwe Papegaaivis (Dutch)
German Blauer Papageifisch (German)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Bodião (Portuguese (Brazilian))
Spanish Loro azul (Spanish)
Swedish Blå Papegojfisk (Swedish)
Scientific name: Scarus coeruleus
Species:S. coeruleus
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