Common Bottlenose Dolphin

(Dwarf Seahorse)
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Common Bottlenose Dolphin
The Common Bottlenose Dolphin is the most well-known species of ocean dolphin in the world. They swim in temperate and tropical oceans across the globe.

Common Bottlenose Dolphins are mostly grey in color. They have short snouts and may be up to 13 feet long. Common Bottlenose Dolphins are extremely intelligent. This has led to increased interaction with humans, in captive settings.

They are commonly kept in captivity, at marine parks, aquariums, and dolphinariums. The first dolphins kept in captivity were at what is now known as Marineland of Florida near St. Augustine, Florida, in 1938. The Marine Mammal Protection Act was enacted in 1972; the last dolphins to be captured off of U.S. waters were collected in 1989.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 03 August 2012
Also known as: Bottlenose Dolphin
North Pacific
South Pacific
West Pacific
East Pacific
Gulf of California
Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea
North Atlantic
South Atlantic
West Atlantic
East Atlantic
North Sea
Mediterranean Sea
Persian Gulf
Red Sea
Arabian Sea
Andaman Sea
Indian Ocean
Sea of Japan
East China Sea
South China Sea
Coral Sea (GBR)
Length:98 to 132 inches
Depth:0 to 150 feet
International names:
Czech Delfín skákavý (Czech)
Danish Øresvin (Danish)
Dutch Tuimelaar (Dutch)
Finnish Pullokuonodelfiini, pullonokkadelfiini (Finnish)
French Grand dauphin (French)
German Großer Tümmler (German)
Italian delfino dal naso a bottiglia (Italian)
Japanese ハンドウイルカ (Japanese)
Korean 큰돌고래 (Korean)
Norwegian Tumlar, Tumler (Norwegian)
Polish delfin butlonosy (Polish)
Portuguese Golfinho-comum (Portuguese)
Russian Афалина (Russian)
Spanish delfín nariz de botella (Spanish)
Swedish Öresvin (Swedish)
Scientific name: Tursiops truncatus
Species:T. truncatus
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