(Flame Angelfish)

Four Stripe Damselfish

(Foureye Butterflyfish)
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Four Stripe Damselfish
Four Stripe Damselish are named for their four vertical black and white stripes, which extend from tail to lips. Scuba divers can find these fish in the waters of the Indo-Pacific.

They are very popular in saltwater aquariums. These fish grow up to four inches long. They are territorial and can be agressive towards other fish, even those of the same species. A famous Four Stripe Damselfish is Deb/Flo from Disney's Finding Nemo.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 19 April 2010
Also known as: Blacktail Dascyllus, Blacktail Damselfish, Black-tail Humbug, Black-tailed Footballer
North Pacific
South Pacific
Gulf of California
Andaman Sea
East China Sea
South China Sea
Coral Sea (GBR)
Length:3 to 4 inches
Depth:3 to 223 feet
International names:
Danish Firstribet Jomfrufisk (Danish)
Finnish Mustapyrstöpreussinahven (Finnish)
German Vierbinden-Preußenfisch (German)
Korean 줄셋돔 (Korean)
Scientific name: Dascyllus melanurus
Species:D. melanurus
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