(French Angelfish)

Great Barracuda

(Longfin Bannerfish)
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Great Barracuda
Barracudas are known for their fang-like teeth and powerful jaws. Despite their dangerous reputation, they are a favorite sighting for many scuba divers. They can be seen by scuba divers and snorkelers around the world, often in large groups, from the Red Sea to Hawaii and from the east coast of the United States to western Africa.

It is a predator that hunts using a typical ambush method. They rely on surprise and short bursts of speed of up to 27 mph (43 kmh) to overrun their prey.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 07 November 2007
Also known as: Commerson's Sea Pike
North Pacific
South Pacific
West Pacific
East Pacific
Gulf of California
Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea
North Atlantic
South Atlantic
West Atlantic
East Atlantic
Persian Gulf
Arabian Sea
Andaman Sea
Indian Ocean
Sea of Japan
East China Sea
South China Sea
Coral Sea (GBR)
Length:23 to 79 inches
Depth:3 to 328 feet
International names:
Danish Stor Barracuda (Danish)
Dutch Grote Zeesnoek (Dutch)
Finnish Barrakuda (Finnish)
French Grand Barracuda (French)
German Amerikanischer Pfeilhecht (German)
Italian Grande Barracuda (Italian)
Japanese Alu-alu (Japanese)
Norwegian Barrakuda (Norwegian)
Polish Barrakuda wielka (Polish)
Portuguese Barracuda-gigante (Portuguese)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Bacuda (Portuguese (Brazilian))
Russian щука морская (Russian)
Spanish PicĂșa Zorra (Spanish)
Swedish PilgÀdda (Swedish)
Scientific name: Sphyraena barracuda
Species:S. barracuda
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