(Great Barracuda)

Longfin Bannerfish

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Longfin Bannerfish
The Longfin Bannerfish is a very social and passive fish and often found in pairs or in shoals. They inhabit deep, protected lagoons and channels, and the deeper parts of outer reef slopes. It generally remains within a few meters of the reef.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 22 December 2006
Also known as: Pennant Coralfish, Coachman, Feather-fin Bullfish, Wimple Fish
North Pacific
South Pacific
Gulf of California
Persian Gulf
Arabian Sea
Andaman Sea
Indian Ocean
East China Sea
South China Sea
Coral Sea (GBR)
Length:6 to 10 inches
Depth:6 to 246 feet
International names:
Danish Almindelig Vimpelfisk (Danish)
Dutch Wimpelvis (Dutch)
Finnish Viirikala (Finnish)
French Cocher Solitaire (French)
German Gemeiner Wimpelfisch (German)
Japanese Hatatatedai (Japanese)
Korean 두동가리돔 (Korean)
Russian щетинозуб двухполосый (Russian)
Spanish Pez de Coral (Spanish)
Swedish LĂ„ngfenad Vimpelfisk (Swedish)
Scientific name: Heniochus acuminatus
Species:H. acuminatus
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