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Nurse Shark

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Nurse Shark
Nurse Sharks are solitary and noctural bottom-dwellers that live across the Western Atlantic Ocean, islands of the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific from Peru up to Baja California. It is often found at depths of 3 to 40 feet (1 to 12 meters) around reefs, channels between mangrove islands and sand flats. Hidden under submerged ledges or in crevices within the reef, the nurse sharks seem to prefer specific resting sites and will return to them each day after the night's hunting.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 02 September 2007
Also known as: Carpet Shark, Cat Shark, Dogfish, Sand Shark
North Pacific
South Pacific
East Pacific
Gulf of California
Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea
North Atlantic
South Atlantic
West Atlantic
East Atlantic
Length:95 to 169 inches
Depth:0 to 426 feet
International names:
Czech Atlantický žralok chůva (Czech)
Danish Nursehaj (Danish)
Dutch Verpleegsterhaai (Dutch)
Finnish Atlantinpartahai (Finnish)
French Requin Dormeur (French)
German Ammenhaie (German)
Italian Squalo nutrice (Italian)
Japanese Amerika-tenjikuzame (Japanese)
Polish Rekin Wasaty (Polish)
Portuguese Tubarão-enfermeiro (Portuguese)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Lixa (Portuguese (Brazilian))
Russian акула усатая (Russian)
Spanish Tiburón Nodriza (Spanish)
Swedish Amhaj (Swedish)
Scientific name: Ginglymostoma cirratum
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