Princess Parrotfish

(Queen Angelfish)
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Princess Parrotfish
The color of this beautiful Parrotfish differs between males and females. Pictured here is an adult male with a blue body and shades of yellow, purple and green. Along its side is a cute little juvenile Princess Parrotfish with horizontal black and white stripes. The Parrotfish uses its strong beak-like jaws to graze for algea on corals and constantly re-grows its teeth.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 27 December 2006
Also known as: Princess Parrot, Princess Green Parrotfish, Snotty Parrot, Blue Chub, Painted-tail Parrotfish
Range:Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea
South Atlantic
West Atlantic
Length:8 to 14 inches
Depth:6 to 82 feet
International names:
Danish Orangestribet Papegøjefisk (Danish)
French Perroquet princesse (French)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Bodiano (Portuguese (Brazilian))
Russian попугай-рыба обыкновенный (Russian)
Spanish loro ñángaro, lora princesa (Spanish)
Scientific name: Scarus taeniopterus
Species:S. taeniopterus
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