(Princess Parrotfish)

Queen Angelfish

(Raccoon Butterflyfish)
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Queen Angelfish
The Queen Angelfish lives in warm reef waters of the western Atlantic Ocean. They have iridescent blue-green bodies with a blue body outline. Juveniles have yellow tails. Queen Angelfish feed on sponges, corals, plankton and algae. Younger fish can serve as cleaner fish for other, larger species.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 21 December 2006
Also known as: Golden Angelfish, Yellow Angelfish, Blue Angelfish
Range:Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea
North Atlantic
Length:12 to 18 inches
Depth:3 to 230 feet
International names:
Danish Dronningekejserfisk (Danish)
Dutch Gele engelvis (Dutch)
French Poisson-ange royal (French)
German Königin-Engelfisch (German)
Japanese Hokuro-yakko (Japanese)
Polish Ustniczek królewski (Polish)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Paru branco (Portuguese (Brazilian))
Spanish Isabelita patale (Spanish)
Scientific name: Holacanthus ciliaris
Species:H. ciliaris
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