(Rock Beauty)

Royal Dottyback

(Royal Gramma)
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Royal Dottyback
The Royal Dottyback is a beautiful and striking fish, with a deep bright purple front half and brilliant yellow back half. Scuba divers can find these fish on reefs in the western Pacific, tropical Indo-Pacific waters and in the Red Sea.

Royal Dottyback are highly territorial fish which should be considered when choosing fish for your saltwater aquarium.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 19 April 2010
Also known as: Bicolor Dottyback, False Gramma, Two-tone Dottyback
Andaman Sea
Indian Ocean
East China Sea
South China Sea
Coral Sea (GBR)
Length:2 to 3 inches
Depth:10 to 16 feet
International names:
Danish Royal Koralsmutte (Danish)
Finnish Herttuakeijuahven (Finnish)
German Nymphen-Zwergbarsch (German)
Italian Pseudochromis paccagnellae (Italian)
Scientific name: Pictichromis paccagnellae
Species:P. paccagnella
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