(Threespot Damselfish)

Yellowbar Angelfish

(Yellowtail Damselfish)
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Yellowbar Angelfish
The Yellowbar Angelfish is a very curious fish and will often approach divers to within a meter. It is one of the largest species of Angelfish reaching almost 20 inches, though most available specimens are less than 12 inches. The characteristic yellow band is clearly visible and will become somewhat more prominent as the fish ages.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 22 December 2006
Also known as: Yellow-band Angelfish, Red Sea Angelfish, Halfmoon Angelfish, Yellow-blotch Angelfish
Range:Persian Gulf
Red Sea
Arabian Sea
Andaman Sea
Indian Ocean
Length:8 to 20 inches
Depth:13 to 164 feet
International names:
Danish Halvmånekejserfisk (Danish)
Dutch Bruid van de Zee (Dutch)
French Poisson-ange géographe (French)
German Sichelkaiserfisch (German)
Italian Pesce cobra di russell (Italian)
Japanese Sedakayakko (Japanese)
Polish Ustniczek Cetkowany (Polish)
Portuguese Lebre mancha amarela / Lebre velha (Portuguese)
Spanish Pez León de Russell (Spanish)
Swedish Halvmånekejsare (Swedish)
Scientific name: Pomacanthus maculosus
Species:P. maculosus
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