(Yellowbar Angelfish)

Yellowtail Damselfish

(Yellowtail Snapper)
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Yellowtail Damselfish
With its bright yellow tail and juveniles with electric blue spots on its side, the Yellowtail Damselfish is striking. It is a common territorial species that inhabits coral reefs and is often found in very shallow waters of reefs, usually near top of outer edge where there are caves, holes, and abundant fire coral.
Born: (added to Birdorable) 22 December 2006
Also known as: Jewelfish, Sheephead
Range:Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea
North Atlantic
West Atlantic
Length:6 to 8 inches
Depth:0 to 394 feet
International names:
Danish Juvelfisk (Danish)
Dutch Juweelvis (Dutch)
French Chaffet Queue Jaune (French)
German Gelbschwanz-Demoisellefisch (German)
Polish Garbik Bialokropek (Polish)
Spanish Jaqueta rabo amarillo (Spanish)
Scientific name: Microspathodon chrysurus
Species:M. chrysurus
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