Blue Tang

Blue Tang is a surgeonfish that is easily recognized by its blue body with black markings. The species has a blade on both sides of the caudal peduncle and venomous fin spines. They occur in clear, current-swept terraces of seaward reefs and can often be seen in loose aggregations one or two meters above the bottom. The most famous Blue Tang fish is Dory from Finding Nemo.

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Details & Statistics

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Dec 22, 2006
Scientific Name
Paracanthurus hepatus
Also known as
Palette surgeonfish, Regal Tang, Hippo Tang, Indo-Pacific Tang, Flagtail Surgeonfish, Blue Surgeonfish
West Pacific, Indian Ocean, East China Sea, South China Sea, Oceania, Coral Sea (GBR)
12 inches
7 to 131 feet

International Names

German (Deutsch)
Danish (Dansk)
Finnish (Suomi)
French (Français)
Chirurgien Bleu
Japanese (日本語)
Dutch (Nederlands)
Picasso Doktersvis
Polish (Polski)
Pokolec Królewski
Portuguese (Português)
Brazilian Portuguese (Português brasileiro)
Swedish (Svenska)

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