Rock Beauty

The Rock Beauty is inhabits rock jetties, rocky reefs and rich coral areas from Georgia to Rio de Janeiro. The young of about an inch in length are entirely yellow except for a blue-edged black spot on the upper side of the body posterior to the midpoint; with growth, the black spot soon expands to become the large black area covering most of the body.

Details & Statistics

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Dec 22, 2006
Scientific Name
Holacanthus tricolor
Also known as
Corn Sugar, Coshubba, Rock Beasty, Yellow Nanny
Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, West Atlantic
12 to 14 inches
10 to 302 feet

International Names

German (Deutsch)
Dreifarben-Kaiserfisch / Felsschönheit
Danish (Dansk)
Trefarvet Kejserfisk
Spanish (Español)
Isabelita medioluto
French (Français)
Poisson-ange Noir et Jaune / Demoiselle Beauté
Italian (Italiano)
Pesce angelo tricolore
Japanese (日本語)
Dutch (Nederlands)
Polish (Polski)
Nefrytek Tróbarwny a. Ustnik Skalny
Brazilian Portuguese (Português brasileiro)

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