French Angelfish

The French Angelfish is a large angelfish found in the western Atlantic. It is common in shallow reefs, usually in pairs and often near sea fans. Juveniles tend cleaning stations where they service a broad range of clients, including jacks, snappers, morays, grunts, surgeonfishes, and wrasses. At the station the cleaner displays a fluttering swimming and when cleaning it touches the clients with its pelvic fins.

Details & Statistics

Added to Scubadorable
Dec 30, 2006
Scientific Name
Pomacanthus paru
Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, South Atlantic, West Atlantic, East Atlantic
11 to 16 inches
10 to 328 feet

International Names

German (Deutsch)
Danish (Dansk)
Fransk Kejserfisk
Spanish (Español)
Cachama Negra
French (Français)
Poisson Ange Francais
Japanese (日本語)
Dutch (Nederlands)
Franse Keizersvis
Polish (Polski)
Ustniczek Czarny
Brazilian Portuguese (Português brasileiro)
Swedish (Svenska)
Fransk Ängelfisk

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