Threespot Damselfish

Adult Threespot Damselfish are mostly brownish gray, but juveniles are bright yellow with two large black spots on the side. These cute fish inhabit inshore and offshore coral reefs around Southern Florida and the Bahamas and the Caribbean Sea. They are found within caves at night, often in tangles of staghorn coral, and anywhere there is abundant algae on reefs.

Details & Statistics

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Aug 16, 2007
Scientific Name
Stegastes planifrons
Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, North Atlantic, West Atlantic
5 inches
10 to 98 feet

International Names

Danish (Dansk)
Treplettet Jomfrufisk
Spanish (EspaƱol)
Jaqueta de tres puntos
Dutch (Nederlands)
Drievlekken Juffertje
Polish (Polski)
Garbnik Zloty

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